Studying abroad for a semester or a year? StudentCell is YOUR cell phone company around the globe!


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FREE Semester Sim Card Rental. Regularly $9.99 a month now, Pick your study abroad destination * below.

*USA,Mexico, and China not included in this offer.


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StudentCell Features


No need for a long term contract! Regular service - not prepaid. Detailed invoices in English are sent to your email monthly. Get great customer service from English-speakers, veterans of programs just like yours!


Receive your phone or SIM prior to departure.


Local providers mean we can give you fantastic rates. Additionally, for most countries we can offer you free incoming calls!


Need a phone or a SIM card? We have several models to choose from, for a variety of budgets. Quality Nokia models give you dependability and the latest features – and of course, all StudentCell rentals are fully under warranty and insured.


Our exclusive Keep'n'Touch Direct virtual international number program connects you to friends and family back home! For example, if you’re from New York, you can have a local New York phone number that calls your StudentCell number… direct! The cost is low, the quality is excellent, and you’re connected right away!